Holy Child within the Manger

Holy Child within the manger,illustration Christmas artwork 2012
long ago yet ever near;
come as friend to every stranger,
come as hope for every fear.

As you lived to heal the broken,
greet the outcast, free the bound,
as you taught us love unspoken,
teach us now where you are found.

Last year Lutheran Social Services touched the lives of our neighbors more than 57,000 times—offering a warm smile and open arms to every stranger, providing hope and calming fears. Inspired by God’s love and on your behalf, LSS brings healing and comfort to those whose hearts are aching.

With your help, LSS is able to heal the broken, meet the outcast and free the bound.

  • Bless the young birth mother struggling to make a good decision for her unborn child—learning how open adoption works.
  • Bless the children who have been abused physically and sexually—greeted in their search for safety and finding guidance and healing in the process.
  • Bless the refugees anxious about their destination—welcomed with open arms and willing to acclimate to a new culture.
  • Bless the couple in conflict—married for many years, just learning how to communicate.

As we reflect on these blessings and the wonder of our Savior’s birth this holy season, I invite you to join LSS as a friend to every stranger and as a calming presence in providing hope for so many through a gift this Christmas season.

We ask in Jesus’ name to bless you and your family as we rejoice and welcome the Holy Child Within The Manger this holy season.

Betty Oldenkamp,
President, LSS of South Dakota

Holy Child within a Manger
by Mary Haugen, b. 1950
©1987 GIA Publications, Inc., Chicago, IL.
All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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