Touched By Adoption Event Was a Success!

The Touched By Adoption event was a success!  Approximately 75 guests joined in the celebration. It was enjoyable and touching to see all of the families who have adopted from LSS over the years. There was much good conversation and lots of activity with the little ones making ornaments, playing with other children and just being silly and joyous!  It was indeed a celebration of building happy families.  

 The Adoption timeline started with information and pictures of the beginnings of Lutheran Social Services in 1920.  At that time the agency was then named The Lutheran Children’s Home Finding Society and the maternity and “foundling” home was named The House of Mercy.  The timeline included pictures of adoptive families over the years and the start dates of other agency programs. 

 Many thanks to all the families who shared their stories and pictures.  It was enjoyable to read all of the stories and a blessing to be a small part of building their family.   And a big THANK YOU to all the Adoption and other Staff (Ronda, Hayley, Diane, Sheila, Linda, Marcy) who did a great deal of work to make it a success!                                                                   

The Adoption timeline will be available for viewing through December 18th.  If you would   like to view the timeline or have questions please contact Dede at or 605-221-2351.

 By Dede, Adoption Program

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