Christmas Gift Ideas for Birth Parents and Families

We are on the countdown to Christmas – only 20 more days to buy gifts for those special persons in your life.  If you are an adoptive family some of those special persons may be your child’s biological mother, father, sibling or grandparent.  What a great time to celebrate that lovely bond that connects you all – your child!   Below are some gift ideas.  Some are more expensive, some less expensive – all priceless!

  •  Jewelry – there are specially designed pieces for birth parents that are beautiful and sentimental.  But just as touching is jewelry designed and made by your child. 
  • Keepsake journals and photo albums – you can log milestones, school work, fun stories and pictures so birth families can watch the child grow and develop.
  • Artwork – hand or foot prints in finger paint or plaster are fun as are your child’s drawings and other forms of art work.
  • Ornaments – give your child and birth parents duplicate ornaments as a keepsake for them all.  Have your child make a special ornament with their picture and the date on it. Make it an annual project.
  • Poems and letters – especially those written by the child.
  • Invitation to your child’s school or church Christmas programs  or make a DVD of the program for them.
  • Pictures with Santa – visit Santa with your child, birth parent/family/siblings and include everyone in the picture. 

 Ideas are limitless as any gift is a memento of their child and honors the connection between child and birth parent.  Most of these ideas would also be good for grandparents, siblings as well.

 By Dede, Adoption Program

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