It is the season to give thanks – and at LSS Mentoring Services, over 1,000 local students are thankful that they have an adult to provide extra support, encouragement and friendship in their life. We have collected some words of thanks from students to share with you.

Below are words from a 8th grader about her mentor.

My mentor is the only one that really understands me and she is the only one that I feel that listens to me. She deserves to know how great she is. I don’t think she knows how great it makes me feel when she asks me how my day is. She helped me with the most tough things in my life. So I hope this shows her how important she is to me.

Some students put their thanks into a picture…


And lastly, a poem from a 4th grade boy about his mentor.

My life feels so busy and stressed
It’s great to take time to give my mind a rest
I love to play foosball, Yahtzee, so someday the Wii
It’s nice to have someone who accepts me for me
He is always positive and kept an open mind
A person like that is not easy to find
I imagine my mentor has his own stress to bare
But for me he has always been there.

Thank YOU for being part of LSS and reading our blog! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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