Mentoring Services by the numbers

LSS Mentoring Services asks volunteers for one hour a week for one school year. But what does that mean when you add it all up? In short – it makes a difference. Below is an overview of LSS Mentoring Services by the numbers.

  • There are 1500 adult volunteers who mentor each year.
  • Even though we ask for a one year commitment, our average mentor volunteers for 3.5 years.
  • Mentors are volunteering at 68  different schools in the Sioux Falls area.
  • There are 88 volunteers who have mentored for over 10 years – some of them following the same student from early elementary years into high school.
  • Our mentors work for 185 different businesses.
  • If mentors were paid for their volunteerism, their impact on local students would total $945,000 annually.
  • The youngest mentors are 18 year-old college freshman and our oldest mentor will turn 92 later this month. When we asked last summer if he planned to continue mentoring a middle school boy he replied, “if he still wants me there, I will be there.”
  • USucceed, our new mentoring program for high school students, currently has 52 mentors.
  • When students were asked if they were satisfied with their mentor, 98% responded positively.
  • On average, grade point averages for mentored students has gone up .8 points over the course of their mentor relationship.
  • There are hundreds of Sioux Falls area students on the waiting list for a mentor.

Do you have 60 minutes a week to help support and encourage a child? Contact us if you are interested in learning more, or apply today.  


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