Student says having a mentor is better than recess

A profile of LSS Mentor Match Craig Johnson (US Bank) and Stevo

Craig Johnson and Stevo

When Craig Johnson began mentoring 18 years ago, he did it to get practice for becoming a grandfather. Johnson has enjoyed the positive experiences gained while volunteering as a mentor.

“I hope I have made positive changes in the lives of kids I have worked with over the years,” said Craig. “I feel like I have given back to the community and in the process have had the pleasure of meeting a wide variety of kids.”

When talking to his current mentee, Stevo, the 5th grader is happy to have a mentor.

“I know he will be there for me,” said Stevo. “It is really fun to have a mentor because they play board games and just talk to you.” Stevo also adds that meeting with his mentor is “better than going outside to play.”

When Craig reflects on who mentored him when he was Stevo’s age, he recalled a teacher he had for six of eight years at a country school. The teacher was not there in 5th grade, which made it a bit harder year for Craig.

With the support of Craig, Stevo is enjoying his 5th grade year. He likes being the oldest in the school and says that, “the days go fast in 5th grade.”

Both Craig and Stevo agree that the best part about mentoring is the opportunity to meet a new friend. “It just becomes fun to get to know someone so well by mentoring,” said Craig. “Whether Stevo shares mundane news like what food he likes or stories about his family, it is great that I get to experience being part of his life.”

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